It All Starts With A Shed Reptile Skin, Which Is Normally Just Thrown Away, And It Turns Into Something Precious And Beautiful

Designed To Be Worn As An Armour Or Second Skin, Protecting And Empowering The Wearer.

Created from shed reptile skin

Designed To Be Worn As An Armour Or Second Skin, Protecting And Empowering The Wearer.

Together caring for the environment, the earth and the oceans!

We take a responsible approach to luxury 
creating jewellery that is 
Empowered - Cruelty-Free - Created with Care


Based on the idea that what you wear can change how you feel, our jewellery is designed to be worn as an armour or second skin, protecting and empowering the wearer. Each piece is handcrafted from the shed skin of reptiles. To us, reptiles are strong, bold and beautiful. When you wear our jewellery, we want you to invoke those same feelings.


As we only use shed skin to make our jewellery, no reptile is harmed in this cruelty-free process. Reptile skin sheds naturally and no contact needs to be made with the reptile to collect it.

Created with Care

Our jewellery is handcrafted by a small, female-led team in Portugal and the UK. We create our pieces in limited edition batches and use recycled packaging as much as possible.
The Process

Our patented process takes a piece of shed reptile skin, and uses it to create solid metal jewellery, covered in shimmering gold and silver scales. Because our process is so precise, every last detail of each scale is captured in metal, and because each shed skin is used only once, no two styles of jewellery have the same scale pattern, making each piece utterly unique.   

“My love of reptile skin started as a little girl when I played with my grandma’s snakeskin handbag. To me, reptiles are bold, powerful and strong which are all the things I aspire to feel, and snakeskin is pure vintage glamour. I wanted to find a cruelty-free way to capture real reptile scales in metal, along with all the powerful feelings that they evoke, so that every woman can enjoy real reptile skin without the guilt.” - Jane

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