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Materials and Jewellery Care

We use sterling silver, 18ct yellow gold and 18ct rose gold to make your jewellery, plus a selection of precious and semi-precious stones.


Our silver has a beautiful white finish and is polished to a semi-shine. We use Sterling silver, otherwise known as 925 silver which is an alloy made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. It’s nickel free. Every part of our earrings, including the posts and butterfly backs, are made from sterling silver. Please note, this white finish will become more silver over time.

Gold Plate

We plate the silver with a fine layer of 18ct gold that completely covers the surface of the metal. It’s also polished to a semi-shine which helps accentuate the beautifully uneven texture of the scales.

Jewellery Care

To keep your jewellery looking good, the big four things to avoid are exposure to moisture, chemicals, sweat, and knocks.

When to Remove Your Jewellery

Remove jewellery before going to bed, doing DIY, playing sports, washing up or bathing. Avoid direct contact with household chemicals like cleaning products and perfume which can affect the surface of the metal. Perspiration can also affect the surface of the metal and tarnish silver quickly, which is why it's best to take off your jewellery before doing anything that's going to make you sweat!


When not wearing your jewellery, keep it in the jewellery box provided in a dark, cool and dry place. Try to keep pieces apart so that they don't scratch, rub together or tangle up. I have included a few small plastic airtight bags with each order. It may not look very glamorous but to delay tarnishing, it's best to store silver in an air-tight container, so slip your jewellery into a bag before putting it into the box.

Special Care for Silver

Over time, silver tarnishes. This is when the surface of the silver oxidises and becomes darker. The amount of tarnishing is dependant on the skin and care habits of the wearer. Silver reacts with many everyday things so, while it's impossible to avoid tarnishing altogether, following these care instructions should help to delay the process.

Cleaning Silver

You can use a silver polishing cloth to wipe the surface of your silver jewellery with gentle pressure. This is a great way to both clean the jewellery and help with tarnishing as some cloths are impregnated with a solution that does both. Selvyt is a good brand that we use in-house.

Special Care for Gold Plate

Gold plate is a surface layer so it’s essential to follow the above guidelines and treat it with extra care. It just needs an occasional gentle polish to get that sparkle back.

We use a soft microfibre cloth that is not impregnated with any kind of cleaning solution to gently polish the gold.


All of our pieces come with a 6-month manufacturing warranty, this does not include personal wear & tear, or accidental damage. Please note that as gold plating is a surface layer it can wear off over time and this is not covered by your warranty. Silver also tarnishes over time and as this is a naturally occurring process, it is not covered by your warranty. Following the above care instructions and storing your jewellery in the airtight bags provided should help to delay this process.