Cruelty-free Jewellery handmade in Portugal


Using the finest materials available, we hand make jewellery with purpose. Not only to empower the wearer, but also to show the world it’s possible to use reptile skin without harming animals. 


Nothing had to be killed for us to practice what we love: creating beautiful snake and lizard skin jewellery. 


Formed from the real shed skin of reptiles, each piece of jewellery is covered in beautiful gold and silver scales. Because only the shed skin is used, no animal is harmed in this cruelty free process.


Jewellery That Empowers Women


They say the women who wear our jewellery take on the power of the animal it’s from. 


They embody their strength, their beauty, and their power. We love to see the look on a woman’s face change when she puts on our jewellery. 

How she looks at herself, stands a little taller, shoulders a little broader, the radiant smile on her face and sparkle in her eye when she feels good in her own skin.


There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman.


Not just a brand, A Movement


With every piece of jewellery sold we move one-step closer towards protecting these animals.


Every year, it’s estimated that more than 1.5 million reptiles are killed for their skins,  sometimes while they’re still alive.


That’s why 10% of every item sold goes towards the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to help protect these animals and preserve the natural habitat that they come from.

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